Management Software Chosen for Fast Cruise

Italian cruise ferry operator, Moby, has chosen the RINA InfoSHIP software suite for managing maintenance and purchase processes across its entire 13-ship fleet.

The RINA InfoSHIP Maintenance and Purchase Module (MP), developed in cooperation with IB Software and Consulting, facilitates and reduces the costs of management of planned and unplanned maintenance, stocking and inventory.

Moby operates a modern fleet of high capacity and high speed cruise ferries on demanding trades. It operates five 2,000 paxhigh-speed cruise ferries, two 1,600 pax cruise ferries and six mid-size ferries on routes linking the Italian mainland with Sardinia, Corsica and Elba.

“Choosing this software will deliver cost and operational efficiency benefits and minimize downtime. The choice confirms our strong partnership with Moby and RINA’s ability to assist owners and operators with operational services,” said Paolo Moretti, general manager marine, RINA Services.

The package of software which Moby will deploy is the core of the InfoSHIP suite and is equipped with a wide range of features for encoding and building a model of the technical structure of the ship, for the creation of an on-board database, for the control of the entire range of maintenance activities, and for managing the supply chain of spare parts, consumables, services and material management.

Moby has already implemented the InfoSHIP MS (Quality & safety Management) package which has delivered:

· Tracking hazardous occurrences (Accidents/ Incidents/ Near-Misses) and promoting preventive actions, improving safety standards on board.

· Monitoring safety equipment and managing quality and compliance documents to support ISM and SMS requirements.